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Well this is truly our real asset. We take the welding of our staff very seriously indeed. A happy mind brings positivity and creativity for not only us but for also our customers. Our clients always comment on the professional and creative nature of our staff. We pride our selves on developing our people through mentoring, training and trusting them with responsibility to make the right decisions.


Data Strategy

How can we help you devise your data strategy which fulfils the vision for your organisation. Well it’s simple, we have highly skilled staff that do this as part of their day to day job. As they are experienced in multi-domain functions, it is very clear for them on how to devise a strategy based on what your business is trying to achieve. Only the right strategy will unlock the true value of data for your organisation so let a safe pair of hands help you on your path.

Data Management

Managing your data is no different to managing any of your other assets. With the right data management, you get the right people being able to see the right data at the right time. This management involves having the right policies and procedures that ensure data is managed correctly throughout its lifecycle in the entire enterprise.

Data Architecture

Having the right architecture in place is the only way to have the right data reaching the right audiences for the right reasons. We can help you map you as-is data landscape, your to-be landscape and a roadmap on how to get there. We can also ensure you have the right repositories, standards and tooling to help you do this. For example what’s the best way to move data around in your organisation. How and what is used to model the data? Where are the quality issues within the enterprise when it comes to data?

Data Analytics

Analytics allows us to drive value from data. This is very powerful and gives you many advantages. Firstly gain an edge over the competition by understanding what your data is telling you from your customers perspective. Secondly listening to your data tells you lots about your organisation. Finally use Data Science and Analytics to enhance the accuracy of your forecasts. These forecasts could be business demand, customer expectations or even seasonality in your business. Lets get together and work out a solution which will make your business a success!

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We are passionate about data and help our customers to transform their data into knowledge which can then be used to make decisions. We love to innovate with our very creative and competent staff. Help us to help you suceed!

Just interested

Why dont you pick up the phone and give us a tinkle? What do you have to lose. Our friendly staff will guide you through to the right team who can help. Let us come and give you a free presentation on what we can do for your enterprise.



 About Us

We are a fairly new innovation company in the data space. Infact we’ve only been around for a few years and are currently a nice small size with less than 30 employees. But dont let our size or company age deceive you. Our staff have decades of experience in the data professionalism and our founders have been in IT for the last 30 years. Our key business focus is on all things data related. Thats starts from the Data Strategy and works its way through to Data Management, Data Quality, Data Governance and Data Analytics. We provide consultancy to our clients in all these areas.

 Our Values

We have made it our business to ensure what we deliver is aligned with client expectations, and what’s right for them and their business climate.

Our secret is no secret at all; we simply do what we love. We are all about being on the edge of where business and technology are going.

We provide our clients with support around everything related to technology. We are what companies would seek in an IT Manager’s role: this means anything related to technology improvement, not only about resolving issues, but managing third party providers and bringing all the technology pieces together.

 Our Partners

Ask our partners about us. We have designed and implemented solutions for all types of organisations from FTSE 100 companies through to small to medium enterprises.They will all tell you similar things. They will talk about our communication skills, our professionalism, our creative staff and above all our friendly faces. We believe in being very open and transparent about all we do. That means our customers are always clear about the journey we are taking with them!

 Our Technologies

We use the latest innovative ideas and technologies to give our customers the competitive edge. We have solved many of our customers business needs with solutions involving Blockchain, Data Science & Analytics and Machine Learning. We only apply these technologies where it is appropriate to do so. Knowing what is the best technology to use in each situstion is a dark art which we have mastered.

Do you want to work with us?


Job Title: Lead DevOps Engineers (Remote)

Infopool is searching for an experienced DevOps Engineers working remotely who will be responsible for supporting multiple products and development teams in automating infrastructure, building pipelines, deployment and production support.

Technologies & Skills

  • 5+ years of DevOps or related experience and a demonstrated understanding of DevOps and technical quality control processes, artifacts, and tools.
  • Hands-on or management experience in implementing release management and DevOps automation configuration management and orchestration tools (i.e. Puppet, Terraform, CloudFormation, Kubernetes)
  • Experience in managing and leveraging automation for a large number of AWS & Azure services
  • Knowledge of infrastructure automation tools, with the ability to contribute to existing open-source infrastructure tools
  • Experience with CDNs (Akamai, Cloudfront, Cloudflare, Fastly, etc.) preferred
  • Experience supporting microservice ecosystems in production environments
  • Understanding of basic networking design (TCP/IP, DNS and load balancing).
  • 3+ years’ experience with CI/CD pipeline and tools (Azure, AWS, Git, Bitbucket, Jenkins, CodePipeline).
  • Ability to work independently, as well as others, depending on scope of assignments.
  • Extensive experience in Terraform & Terra-grunt


Job Title: AWS/Azure Cloud Architects (Remote)

Infopool is searching for experienced AWS/Azure Cloud Architects working remotely who will be responsible for for supporting multiple projects related to Cloud Architecture & Security 

Technologies & Skills

  • Architecture and design experience with core Amazon Web Services and / or Enterprise Azure Cloud design is required
  • Expertise migrating on-premises virtualized workloads to AWS or Azure is a plus.
  • Experience writing proposals/SOWs preferred.
  • Familiarity with enterprise architecture and/or infrastructure architecture best practices, frameworks, etc.
  • AWS and / or Azure certifications are a plus.
  • Create high level and detailed design documents with appropriate industry standards to best meet business requirements and functional specifications
  • Conduct architecture review and provide project estimations
  • Develop architectural solutions and deliverables for the enterprise and operational business lines
  • Cloud Networking Design including VCN and customer premises connectivity
  • Cost modeling and optimization


Lets communicate. Tell us whats on your mind and we will get back to you at the earliest opportunit!